The future in building products-the dream

The dream started in a house. It was all broken, the walls had holes and cracks, the windows smashed, the ground was breaking.  You could hear the noise of cracking wood with every step you made. All I could think of was, how sad it was that someone left this beautiful building to decay so much.

While walking around I could see different builders, some were measuring up the walls, others were looking at the floor. They were all trying to renovate the house even though the slight wind could knock everything down.  I walked towards a man, he was tall and thin, he looked happy to see me and wanting to explain how the new product they have will repair the building by tonight.

I was impressed by his positivity and believe about this product. We walked to a room, it seemed to be the best and safest room in the building.  In front of me he displayed this product, it looked like cling film but rather than be transparent it had an opaque white colour.  This man made sure to repeat over and over again NOT TO TOUCH without proper gloves.  while in the room he was telling me how he has already used some of the product here, but he wanted to show me how it worked towards a bad cracked wall.  He put his gloves on ( they were black but with what looked like metallic sensors all over the palm and finger section), he placed a sheet of this product on the wall and it reacted immediately. I was curious, the sheet looks like it was melting but in fact it was being sucked into the cracks of the wall, it could detect when the wall had pieces missing or if the wall cracked because of movement. While watching I could see this product filling up the missing pieces and filling up the cracks. Within a minute all the cracks within a area were filled, the product harden and created a smooth finish on the outside. A job that could take a plasterer hours, it was done within a minute. It was revolutionary and didn't cost anything to buy or produce!

The builder told me how with this product, they can now restore and repair structures within a day depending on how big the house is. He mentioned about houses effected by earthquakes and how someone can ask to check the house and if the structure is too old, they can use this product to reinforce it.

Of course, I was so amazed by this product that I ended up picking up a piece without any gloves.....  At first it felt thicker than cling film and really cold. All of a sudden it started melting, sliding between my fingers, it was like flubber but transparent white! and then it froze. MY hand was covered and it was the hand of a stature. I couldn't move my hand. I looked at it and it was perfect, this product knew it was a hand, it knew what shape it was supposed to be and followed the shape of my hand, short nails, small fingers but chubby palm.

>Woke up<


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