The battle to save the children


Everything started with a big battle, the information came that a big group of kids where kidnapped and closed in a school. We had to save them, we had the soldiers, the knights, the archers and we had the anger of killing that enemy threatening to kill every woman and child.

The view was incredible, the school was located in a hill, in the middle of a field. We were at the bottom of this hill, looking around all you could see was the army, and beyond that the green fields. Blue skies, the green of the fields smelt fresh, and the trees blowing with the wind. The air was fresh, like the breeze of spring in the early mornings.

We started to attack, battles upon battles. We were losing, every battle we ended up with less people, for some reason they were winning and we couldn't do anything for those poor kids. I marched into a tent, angry and without any plans for victory. I looked up and there was a woman, a beautiful woman, she possessed powers that no human could possess. All I could think was how beautiful she looked, her skin soft without any imperfections, her eyes as blue as the sky, her hair was long and black. We hugged and kissed, as if she was someone who I missed, someone who I needed to help calm my soul. I was happy she was there, we lay down naked and made love. A deep passionate love.  I started to worry that she wont stay by my side any more, she left once what is stopping her from leaving again?

While lying down a knight walked in, saying the team was ready.  I got up and got ready.

There it was, in front of me, the building. We couldn't defeat it, we are too weak. I looked around it, trying to find the weakness and I came up with an idea. While walking back to camp, the fallen heroes appeared as spirits, saying "The children are located in the top floor" and vanished. We can do it, but we have to do it without making any noise. We can save those children without losing any more lives. There was a mountain on the other side of the building, we walked up, faced the building and ran as fast as we could so we could jump as high as possible and be ble to grab onto some holes in the building. Tiles gone from the previous attacks.

I watched my men run and jump, it was my turn. I started running, I could feel the air blowing my hair back, I was getting more speed! and then I jumped!  We have found the way to save the children!

I grabbed on and with all my strength climbed to the roof. From above I could see the real world, it wasn't as peaceful as I saw before. The green fields, the blue skies, it was all a lie; the cities were burning, the skies filled with black smoke and the sound of people screaming in terror, people dying. The people inside of this building did this to our city, they will pay for it.

There was an opening and there they were, all the children. I told them: Keep quiet, we are here to save you but please keep quiet.

Little by little everyone got out

>Woke Up<


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