Freaky eyes!

In this dream I got back from work and I was exhausted! I could feel how heavy my feet were and how little energy I had left.  I went upstairs to the study, where I normally do my make-up , and decided to get a cleaning facial wipe to take all the make up off. It was nice and refreshing, closing my eyes enjoying the feeling of a clean face.

When I opened my eyes all I could see was blur, both of my eyes had something in them. I got the mirror and looked at myself and I could see this layer, an opache layer of something over my eye balls.  Just like contact lenses, I pinched this layer and pulled out this hard mould of my eye ball, it was hard where the white of the eye ball should be and soft where the iris should be.  My eyes felt really sore, as if I shouldn't of taken them off. It felt as if hot water was poured in my eyes.

As soon as the pain disappeared I looked up to the mirror and saw that my eyes weren't the almond shape  but more the shape of the eyes of a Japanese person.  I wasn't scared, I was curious. Was that thing in my eye making me look like a westerner? Are we all born with the same style eyes but doctors put these prosthetics in so we look different? if so, what else do they do?

I got some energy back so I stood up and went to my husband and asked him about my eyes, he couldn't see anything different. I got upset and  walked into the bathroom to look at my eyes again and the iris was crumbling! ( like the picture I just made)
I opened my eyes wide and saw the colour crumbling and all of it falling to the bottom of my eye, I got scared but gently with my fingers tried to put the colour back to its place.

>Here I woke up<


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