A continue dream changed

> the first part of this dream always repeats, the second changed<

I was in a super speed train, a new kind which used a different kind of energy source. This train allowed everyone to go from one country to another in a matter of a few hours.The train looked like the new one in Japan, however it was a white and blue colour, the seats wide and comfortable. It felt like first class but for everyone. Technology was used as a resource to improve peoples lives everywhere, not only for those who can afford it. 

I was in the train with someone, I felt as she was my friend but I didn't know her in real life. All of a sudden't we arrive in Castello d'Empuries, a town near where I grew up.  > In my dream at this point I ended up endlessly trying to reach for home but it ends up being such a long way and always waking up. < 

This time my dad called me on the phone, asking if I wanted to be picked up.  There was a popular event in the town, Medieval festival. So I told my dad that I would stay in town a bit longer to enjoy the event, the good memories.  

All of a sudden I was home, in Spain, and like always, my mum keeps telling me how I need to change my life. She found a letter from my ex, telling me how an amazing man he was. so I told her the truth on how he treated me. As soon as she knew what he had done, she hugged me. It was such a hard hug, I have never felt before from my mum. 

After all the crying and hugging, my husband and I went for a nice walk, we could feel the nice breeze from the sea, the smell of salt from the ocean, listening to the seagulls fighting for some food, but no other noise. It was so peaceful. We kept walking until we got to a tattoo place. 

We ended up getting a tattoo done, mine was different. A combination of symbols and letters, mainly stars and triangles, it was awful!!! the worse tattoo ever made, but for some reason it was what I wanted.  

> Here I woke up, in panic.  During the day I baked cookies, making the house smell delicious. But while sleeping I was coldish, but all of a sudden a wush of air woke me up, as if someone opened the window, and the smell of burning. I panicked and ran downstairs in fear that I left something on, or the house was on fire. But nothing. That smell of burnt wasn't around, it wasn't as cold and no window was opened. < 


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