Sleep paralysis change

As most of you might have read, under the "pages" I have added a post about sleep paralysis and the effects I have with it.

I wanted to share with all of you something different that happened to me the night before last. This is not a bizarre dream, but still something I wish to share.

I was falling asleep, with a bad stomach as I've had a stomach bug for the past week, while trying to fall asleep I placed in fetus position to the right, as I normally sleep, all of a sudden it happened. The pressure down, the not able to move, the kick in of panic as I knew I wasn't sleeping and only seconds ago I was getting comfortable. It felt like five minutes before I could move, I started breathing heavily which helps me to calm down and wait until everything passes. I moved, I knew what just happened, so I tried to relax and fall asleep. I positioned myself face down, hugging the cushion, and it happened again. This time not as sever as before, but still unable to move, all I could do was squeeze my hand against my arm under the cushion, then it passed I could see the arm with the shape of my hand in red. This second one felt a bit strange, it was a quick attack but there was something odd, there was no sound.

Here is where things got ever stranger

I placed myself face up, I know I get the attacks no matter the position I put myself in to sleep, so I looked at the ceiling and tried to forget about what just happened and tried to ignore the fact that it felt different.  You know the saying " the more you think about something the more will happen", unfortunately that approach didn't work.  Here is where it was different, I felt the pressing down, not able to move, all I could see was the darkness of my room and the light coming in from the window. My brain wasn't creating any hallucinations like it normally does, but this time, the sound. The sound was different, normally is a buzzing noise, as if you were under water and you could hear the motor of a boat but in palpitations. This time, it wasn't a buzzing noise, it was the noise of a zipper but so loud I wanted to put my hands over my ears as it hurt so much!   How I could describe it was like getting a zipper from a coat, put a microphone to it which amplifies the sound and place it right next to your ear.   I tried to scream, I tried the breathing technique which normally helps me to relax... nothing. Nothing happened! it felt like the longest minutes I have ever felt an attack like this. Like all attacks, you end up standing up to take a big breath of air, this last one I screamed!

I wanted to share this, as I don't want to keep this for myself and if anyone else is getting these attacks, You know you are not alone.


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