Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Not many post recently

Why isn't there many posts recently?

As you all know from previous posts I suffer from SleepParalysis. However that's not all I suffer from.

Insomnia, Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Walk.....  you name it. If it involves making the mind go to a rest zone it doesn't happen.

Recently I have been suffering from every single one of these and multiple attacks all in one night.

Because of this I haven't been able to dream.  I hope you all understand and hopefully the following dreams will be something to wow about.

Genetically modified

This was a strange dream full of action and pain.

It all started running away from someone, the voice was a woman but her methods cruel and monster like. While running away we encountered different human beings who were acting strange, some screaming, others scratching themselves to the point of bleeding.  We knew we were in danger.

After running for what felt like hours, we ended up in a room with a sofa and a tranquilliser gun. The person I was with was trying to activate the gun but couldn't. I took it and with force opened the chamber to see if there was any tranquillising darts, inside it was armed with darts filled with a green liquid. the person I was with forcefully took the gun and accidentally shooting me on the foot.
The pain, the excruciating pain! it felt like my body was melting, I could feel the liquid running around my body like malted lava. I wanted to tear my skin off. It was so painful I passed out.  All I saw before passing out was my companion running away.

When I woke up I was in a modern cell, a big room surrounded by glass. Looking outside I could see children and other adults talking and playing games. It felt like I went from a nightmare to a happy dream, but that was further than the truth.  When I put my hand against the window I saw my hand, my skin was different, my hand wasn't a normal woman's hand.  What ever that liquid did transformed me into something else. I started banging the window to get the attention of the kids and adults but nobody could hear me.  I ran to the other side of the room where I could see people in doctors gowns and screamed as loud as I could. But nothing.

Nobody was there to help me, nobody was there to tell me what was wrong with me.

<Woke up>

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lack of Dreams - Hallucinations

I'm sharing this post as I haven't been able to write any new dreams. The reason is because I keep waking up with horrific hallucinations. 

For the past 2 weeks, the start of summer arriving, like most people the heat of the evening/night can be slightly unbearable. But we do have a fan in the room with a timer which cools things down a bit. 

To explain a little bit about what happens at night in my house, I have to explain my cat's routine. My cat loves to sleep and hunt, during the day, like most cats, she would sleep ALL DAY! then, as soon as it gets to 7pm she will go out, do her business and hunt a bit. By the time we are in bed, sleeping, you can hear her doing her security rounds. She comes upstairs, jumps on the bed side table ( on my husbands side), jumps up to the window, checks the perimeter, then jumps down to my bed side table, walks over me as heavy as possible and then sleeps at the end of the bed.  

For the past week, my cat keeps stopping when she's walking next to me. As if she hears or sees something. When she does I end up opening my eyes wondering what she has seen, last time she acted that way there was a big fat cat in the house eating her food. So of course, as a mother would do, my senses are heighten when it comes to her and her change in habits.  

( I would like to say that I do suffer not only from sleep paralysis as mentioned in a different post, but from hallucinations and sleep walk, yes I have it all when you want to talk about sleep patterns) 

Two weeks ago, my cat decided to stop next to me and I immediately opened my eyes, in front of me a giant spider. It was black with red over the legs and the top of the body, similar to the picture. 

The size of it, it was as big as my hand! I panicked, my cat jumped towards it and it fell to the floor. I reached for my phone and immediately put the flash-light on, but nothing was there.  Because of my cats reaction, I assumed it was a real thing, but no matter where I looked I couldn't see it.  I went back to sleep, telling myself it was my imagination. A couple of hours later I woke up to see another spider, this one close to my husbands head. I immediately smacked it! it was instinct, I couldn't allow that big spider go over my husbands face and maybe bite him. Again I got the phone and the flash light... and nothing was there.  Again, I was so tired, I fell asleep when I knew there was nothing wrong and my mind was playing tricks.
This was just the first night, for the past couple of weeks I have been waking up during the night. different sounds, hallucinations of different kinds, sleep paralysis attacks,.. all this not allowing me to enjoy my dreams. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sleep paralysis change

As most of you might have read, under the "pages" I have added a post about sleep paralysis and the effects I have with it.

I wanted to share with all of you something different that happened to me the night before last. This is not a bizarre dream, but still something I wish to share.

I was falling asleep, with a bad stomach as I've had a stomach bug for the past week, while trying to fall asleep I placed in fetus position to the right, as I normally sleep, all of a sudden it happened. The pressure down, the not able to move, the kick in of panic as I knew I wasn't sleeping and only seconds ago I was getting comfortable. It felt like five minutes before I could move, I started breathing heavily which helps me to calm down and wait until everything passes. I moved, I knew what just happened, so I tried to relax and fall asleep. I positioned myself face down, hugging the cushion, and it happened again. This time not as sever as before, but still unable to move, all I could do was squeeze my hand against my arm under the cushion, then it passed I could see the arm with the shape of my hand in red. This second one felt a bit strange, it was a quick attack but there was something odd, there was no sound.

Here is where things got ever stranger

I placed myself face up, I know I get the attacks no matter the position I put myself in to sleep, so I looked at the ceiling and tried to forget about what just happened and tried to ignore the fact that it felt different.  You know the saying " the more you think about something the more will happen", unfortunately that approach didn't work.  Here is where it was different, I felt the pressing down, not able to move, all I could see was the darkness of my room and the light coming in from the window. My brain wasn't creating any hallucinations like it normally does, but this time, the sound. The sound was different, normally is a buzzing noise, as if you were under water and you could hear the motor of a boat but in palpitations. This time, it wasn't a buzzing noise, it was the noise of a zipper but so loud I wanted to put my hands over my ears as it hurt so much!   How I could describe it was like getting a zipper from a coat, put a microphone to it which amplifies the sound and place it right next to your ear.   I tried to scream, I tried the breathing technique which normally helps me to relax... nothing. Nothing happened! it felt like the longest minutes I have ever felt an attack like this. Like all attacks, you end up standing up to take a big breath of air, this last one I screamed!

I wanted to share this, as I don't want to keep this for myself and if anyone else is getting these attacks, You know you are not alone.

Monday, 18 April 2016

The future in building products-the dream

The dream started in a house. It was all broken, the walls had holes and cracks, the windows smashed, the ground was breaking.  You could hear the noise of cracking wood with every step you made. All I could think of was, how sad it was that someone left this beautiful building to decay so much.

While walking around I could see different builders, some were measuring up the walls, others were looking at the floor. They were all trying to renovate the house even though the slight wind could knock everything down.  I walked towards a man, he was tall and thin, he looked happy to see me and wanting to explain how the new product they have will repair the building by tonight.

I was impressed by his positivity and believe about this product. We walked to a room, it seemed to be the best and safest room in the building.  In front of me he displayed this product, it looked like cling film but rather than be transparent it had an opaque white colour.  This man made sure to repeat over and over again NOT TO TOUCH without proper gloves.  while in the room he was telling me how he has already used some of the product here, but he wanted to show me how it worked towards a bad cracked wall.  He put his gloves on ( they were black but with what looked like metallic sensors all over the palm and finger section), he placed a sheet of this product on the wall and it reacted immediately. I was curious, the sheet looks like it was melting but in fact it was being sucked into the cracks of the wall, it could detect when the wall had pieces missing or if the wall cracked because of movement. While watching I could see this product filling up the missing pieces and filling up the cracks. Within a minute all the cracks within a area were filled, the product harden and created a smooth finish on the outside. A job that could take a plasterer hours, it was done within a minute. It was revolutionary and didn't cost anything to buy or produce!

The builder told me how with this product, they can now restore and repair structures within a day depending on how big the house is. He mentioned about houses effected by earthquakes and how someone can ask to check the house and if the structure is too old, they can use this product to reinforce it.

Of course, I was so amazed by this product that I ended up picking up a piece without any gloves.....  At first it felt thicker than cling film and really cold. All of a sudden it started melting, sliding between my fingers, it was like flubber but transparent white! and then it froze. MY hand was covered and it was the hand of a stature. I couldn't move my hand. I looked at it and it was perfect, this product knew it was a hand, it knew what shape it was supposed to be and followed the shape of my hand, short nails, small fingers but chubby palm.

>Woke up<

Sunday, 3 April 2016

The battle to save the children


Everything started with a big battle, the information came that a big group of kids where kidnapped and closed in a school. We had to save them, we had the soldiers, the knights, the archers and we had the anger of killing that enemy threatening to kill every woman and child.

The view was incredible, the school was located in a hill, in the middle of a field. We were at the bottom of this hill, looking around all you could see was the army, and beyond that the green fields. Blue skies, the green of the fields smelt fresh, and the trees blowing with the wind. The air was fresh, like the breeze of spring in the early mornings.

We started to attack, battles upon battles. We were losing, every battle we ended up with less people, for some reason they were winning and we couldn't do anything for those poor kids. I marched into a tent, angry and without any plans for victory. I looked up and there was a woman, a beautiful woman, she possessed powers that no human could possess. All I could think was how beautiful she looked, her skin soft without any imperfections, her eyes as blue as the sky, her hair was long and black. We hugged and kissed, as if she was someone who I missed, someone who I needed to help calm my soul. I was happy she was there, we lay down naked and made love. A deep passionate love.  I started to worry that she wont stay by my side any more, she left once what is stopping her from leaving again?

While lying down a knight walked in, saying the team was ready.  I got up and got ready.

There it was, in front of me, the building. We couldn't defeat it, we are too weak. I looked around it, trying to find the weakness and I came up with an idea. While walking back to camp, the fallen heroes appeared as spirits, saying "The children are located in the top floor" and vanished. We can do it, but we have to do it without making any noise. We can save those children without losing any more lives. There was a mountain on the other side of the building, we walked up, faced the building and ran as fast as we could so we could jump as high as possible and be ble to grab onto some holes in the building. Tiles gone from the previous attacks.

I watched my men run and jump, it was my turn. I started running, I could feel the air blowing my hair back, I was getting more speed! and then I jumped!  We have found the way to save the children!

I grabbed on and with all my strength climbed to the roof. From above I could see the real world, it wasn't as peaceful as I saw before. The green fields, the blue skies, it was all a lie; the cities were burning, the skies filled with black smoke and the sound of people screaming in terror, people dying. The people inside of this building did this to our city, they will pay for it.

There was an opening and there they were, all the children. I told them: Keep quiet, we are here to save you but please keep quiet.

Little by little everyone got out

>Woke Up<

Friday, 1 April 2016

A continue dream changed

> the first part of this dream always repeats, the second changed<

I was in a super speed train, a new kind which used a different kind of energy source. This train allowed everyone to go from one country to another in a matter of a few hours.The train looked like the new one in Japan, however it was a white and blue colour, the seats wide and comfortable. It felt like first class but for everyone. Technology was used as a resource to improve peoples lives everywhere, not only for those who can afford it. 

I was in the train with someone, I felt as she was my friend but I didn't know her in real life. All of a sudden't we arrive in Castello d'Empuries, a town near where I grew up.  > In my dream at this point I ended up endlessly trying to reach for home but it ends up being such a long way and always waking up. < 

This time my dad called me on the phone, asking if I wanted to be picked up.  There was a popular event in the town, Medieval festival. So I told my dad that I would stay in town a bit longer to enjoy the event, the good memories.  

All of a sudden I was home, in Spain, and like always, my mum keeps telling me how I need to change my life. She found a letter from my ex, telling me how an amazing man he was. so I told her the truth on how he treated me. As soon as she knew what he had done, she hugged me. It was such a hard hug, I have never felt before from my mum. 

After all the crying and hugging, my husband and I went for a nice walk, we could feel the nice breeze from the sea, the smell of salt from the ocean, listening to the seagulls fighting for some food, but no other noise. It was so peaceful. We kept walking until we got to a tattoo place. 

We ended up getting a tattoo done, mine was different. A combination of symbols and letters, mainly stars and triangles, it was awful!!! the worse tattoo ever made, but for some reason it was what I wanted.  

> Here I woke up, in panic.  During the day I baked cookies, making the house smell delicious. But while sleeping I was coldish, but all of a sudden a wush of air woke me up, as if someone opened the window, and the smell of burning. I panicked and ran downstairs in fear that I left something on, or the house was on fire. But nothing. That smell of burnt wasn't around, it wasn't as cold and no window was opened. <