Short but sweet

> it's been a bad night already, can't fall asleep, it's already 5am... you know the standard insomnia problem. but I think it was around 5.20 I fell asleep and dreamt this short dream before the alarm went off<

My husband and I just bought our first house, we have the keys, everything is moved in and in place. We are so happy that we can't stop smiling!  Then a knock on the door, we weren't expecting anyone. There was a woman at the door, she claimed to be part of the state agency who where bought the house from, I asked for some sort of proof as she looked really doggy. My husband allowed her in thinking there's a few papers missing somewhere.  After talking a bit with her and find out that she's there for no reason, I saw that she was stealing from us! she was grabbing a small statue which my mothers godmother gave to me. I grabbed her and broke her hand.

> I know, short but sweet. I wish I could control the length of my dreams or change them, but I like how random they are.  Sweet Dreams <


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