The haunted house

As soon as I entered into my dream-world I was surrounded by people, unknown people without faces. One of them told me that I have to find the demon who controlled our world, a demon who managed to possess people and make them do the most horrifying things.  I looked around and it was dark, only a small amount of light allowed me to see the shadows of people walking by, after walking endlessly I found a book which had just one note inside of it: " To kill it you must summon it". 

Everyone was so afraid of this powerful beast, this thing that was controlling everyone's life! I sat down, in front of the book and started summoning this demon, I closed my eyes feeling scared and lonely.   When I opened my eyes, there it was, some creature. Not what I was expecting, it was small, dark and with long arms, it didn't have any eyes but it felt as if it knew where I was, staring into my eyes.  In fear I looked around, but nobody was there, I was alone with this creature. When I looked back itwas gone.

I stood up, I ran. I ran as fast as I could and found a room with wide windows allowing a warm light to come through. The room looked like two double rooms together, it was huge!  there was a single bed, no curtains and a box ( like a treasure box from a pirate movie).  My friend was there, He was looking under the bed and said: "I found it!".  He placed it in my hand and it was a cat the size of a chestnut, it was a fully grown cat but adorable and so small!  When I looked up the bed was different, the one before was a metal bed with legs, but now it was a block with a mattress on top. How did my friend look under the bed?  My friend and I came to the conclusion that we were being tricked, the house we were in was taunting us and making us see things that are not there. 

We both went different ways, by this point I didn't have that cat with me, I walked around, we were in a really old palace, huge coloured glass windows with big dark rooms. I started walking down the stairway thinking, this place is enormous! if you put 15 people in line one next to the other they could all walk down the stairs together at the same time. 

I sit at the last step and I look up to see a box with red candles, everything has gone dark again, darker than before and the only light is coming from those red candles. 

>There I woke up<


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