Weird work place

( before explaining about this dream, I had it while still working selling mobile phones)

I was walking to work with my husband when I started to feel sick and a really bad migraine. I got to work and I mentioned to my manager how I was feeling and told him that I was going to go to the doctors which was located on the opposite side of the road from work.  He agreed as he could see how bad I was.

As I walked out to the shop floor to go to the doctors, a family of 3 wanted to buy contracts, and knowing that I needed to reach my target I put my pain behind and sold them the phones. After faking the smile, I went to the safe room at work to get their phones, there 3 guys where smoking the vapor machines, making my migraine even worse. The manager saw all the smoke and he ran to the fire alarm before it triggered it, however when he got there and turned the fire alarm clockwise he discovered that he could change the size of the shop entrance, making the door bigger or smaller depending on the direction of the dial.


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