Lack of Dreams - Hallucinations

I'm sharing this post as I haven't been able to write any new dreams. The reason is because I keep waking up with horrific hallucinations. 

For the past 2 weeks, the start of summer arriving, like most people the heat of the evening/night can be slightly unbearable. But we do have a fan in the room with a timer which cools things down a bit. 

To explain a little bit about what happens at night in my house, I have to explain my cat's routine. My cat loves to sleep and hunt, during the day, like most cats, she would sleep ALL DAY! then, as soon as it gets to 7pm she will go out, do her business and hunt a bit. By the time we are in bed, sleeping, you can hear her doing her security rounds. She comes upstairs, jumps on the bed side table ( on my husbands side), jumps up to the window, checks the perimeter, then jumps down to my bed side table, walks over me as heavy as possible and then sleeps at the end of the bed.  

For the past week, my cat keeps stopping when she's walking next to me. As if she hears or sees something. When she does I end up opening my eyes wondering what she has seen, last time she acted that way there was a big fat cat in the house eating her food. So of course, as a mother would do, my senses are heighten when it comes to her and her change in habits.  

( I would like to say that I do suffer not only from sleep paralysis as mentioned in a different post, but from hallucinations and sleep walk, yes I have it all when you want to talk about sleep patterns) 

Two weeks ago, my cat decided to stop next to me and I immediately opened my eyes, in front of me a giant spider. It was black with red over the legs and the top of the body, similar to the picture. 

The size of it, it was as big as my hand! I panicked, my cat jumped towards it and it fell to the floor. I reached for my phone and immediately put the flash-light on, but nothing was there.  Because of my cats reaction, I assumed it was a real thing, but no matter where I looked I couldn't see it.  I went back to sleep, telling myself it was my imagination. A couple of hours later I woke up to see another spider, this one close to my husbands head. I immediately smacked it! it was instinct, I couldn't allow that big spider go over my husbands face and maybe bite him. Again I got the phone and the flash light... and nothing was there.  Again, I was so tired, I fell asleep when I knew there was nothing wrong and my mind was playing tricks.
This was just the first night, for the past couple of weeks I have been waking up during the night. different sounds, hallucinations of different kinds, sleep paralysis attacks,.. all this not allowing me to enjoy my dreams. 


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